Basic SEO

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About Basic SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization very important aspect of website and its development. This tool is based on experience to develop webpages and preparation of good SEO and with use full potentional for search engines.

But SEO is not just for robots but also helps prepare good content for users not only from technical/developer point of view. SEO can make us prepare good content and give us direction to do that.

If you prepare content of webpage just for robots you should make some changes that helps improve content not just to find it by search engine but also make user to return to your site with good content.

Basic SEO tool should help you analyse and check all basic aspects of html page. All basic SEO elements should be in good state and prepared for robots indexing. You can check if there are all items in correct form and way how you expect, also you can find out that you forget something important or you can find out what could be improve.

This analyse is just tool to help you but will not tell you what content you should create or what should be in it but help you find some mistakes or improve page in technical way or realize that you can change it from diferent point of view.

Result data info

Its important to not have many links with one (duplicate) content and there could be redirects. This result could help find out if redirect work right way and final URL is in corect form.
Also its important to not delay display content and redirects could be one of the time consuming element.
This result compare inputed vs. final URL and give you hint to elaborate if its all right or not.
We skip default test to add www because there could be intetion to have adress without www.

There will be added tool to check multiple redirects with each step data.

Result check if there are redundant or even unnecessary special chars/symbols (,;:^?<>[](){}|@&='"+*) that can be used in URL for some specific parameters (e.g. filtering, searching) but its not good for plain content and user can not read well or even could not type them.

Its good practise to have valid HTML code and code in general due corect display of page in browser or even right content indexing. Also could help you find content mistake like missing alts for images.

Validation is perfomed by external tool by W3C (

Global "lang" attribute on <html> tag to help define content language. Global lang attribute could by placed on more elements (if there is needed) but here is tested only for main <html> tag.

HTML meta tag fo charcode/encoding of the page. You should speocify char code for right chars display because no everyone in every location could have same one.

One of the most important SEO element. There should be <title> tag and should corespond to its content. Its used in search results if they are in corect form and is not abused with keywords. There should be only limit of characters used in <title> about 70 chars. This is recommended length but it could vary from search engine to search engine. Length of title in search result could be limited also by width in pixels.

Meta description content is not taken to index account for keywords but is used for search result description. This is very important for user interest and make user to click on link in search results.

Shortly its only for maketing use and visual for search results.

Its recommended to have meta description for each page and should be unique for each webpage.

Also there is recommended length from 150 to 160 characters (here we have max 160 char) and also depends on search engine result design how long this content will be displayed.

If content is to short or robot dont like it than this content is skipped and description is taken from page content. This is in most cases unvanted result.

Meta tag with info for robots for current page if should be indexed or should be used any content (e.g. links, images) for indexing. There could be many values separated by commas.

More info you can find here: Google developers meta robots, meta robots,

Information about author if there is meta tag in code with this data. There should be only one author meta tag.

From Google Page insights page:

"PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster."