Reverse DNS lookup

Type or insert IP address for DNS reverse lookup

About DNS reverse lookup (rDNS)

This DNS tool will perform a reverse IP lookup to find domain/hostname associated to corresponding IP. Reverse lookup tool attempt to resolve or locate source by matching DNS PTR record for given IP address. (This is not standard requirement and not all IP addresses have this record.)
Most reverse DNS entries have one PTR record there is no restrict number of them. Multiple PTR records are used for web server with supports multiple virtual hosts (multiple hostnames) which are associated to a single address.
Result is associated domain for server/hosting or Internet Service Provider (ISP) of source (given IP).

Why use DNS reverse lookup

Spammer emails source

May help to find source of sending spam emails. This can not identify particular source but can provide helpful clues.

Source of attack

Tool try to help identify origin and track down who is try/ing to break firewall, hack system or try unauthorized access.

Visitor of your website/server

Website or server has log that contain IP addresses which can help track visitor. With this tool help identify of visitor's source hostname.